What Horror Slots to Choose?

How to Find the Best Horror Slots

Overview of the Top Games

Considering that casinos pop up like mushrooms after a spring rain today, gamblers also become more demanding. Therefore, casinos are ready to fall over backward to attract more gamblers to their platforms.

One way to do this is to offer them a broad selection of horror slots. Most likely, the horror genre is popular with gamblers because this is a sterling opportunity to enjoy genuinely frightening games.

There’s a big variety of horror slots games, so in this review, we’ll guide you through the best online slot games belonging to this genre, namely:

  • horror movie slots;
  • horror-themed slots.

So, get comfortable and check out the latest news in this niche!

The Best Horror Movie Slots to Play

Keep in mind that slots are usually designed around well-known themes. In this case, these themes are movie-based ones – there are millions of horror movie fans, after all.

Game developers don’t want to balk an opportunity to attract more users to their gambling platforms, so they develop new casinoslots based on horror films. Simply put, the majority of all slots movie games are inspired by certain films.

Our overriding purpose is to make sure that you won’t regret playing horror slots in any casino online! So, we’ll give you a detailed review on what games are going to be an excellent choice for those gamblers who dream of seeing terrible witches, horrible ghosts and dreadful vampires!

Overview of the Best Slots Movie Games

Searching for the most incredible slot machine game? Just take a look at these options.

Superman the Movie Slots: Enjoy Your Favorite Movie Character

Adore this hero? Though the first movie about Superman was released more than 40 years ago, this powerful hero still remains trendy – and a lead character in the gambling industry.

Playtech developed this slot casino game a few years ago. It revolves around going through four levels with different difficulty modes. Besides, this game also comes with an awful lot of great features like bonuses, a wild symbol, jackpot options, etc. We guarantee you’ll enjoy the gameplay!

Halloween Movie Slots: Are They Worth Your Attention?

Horror Movie Slots Worth Your Attention

Love this mysterious holiday? Then you’ll also appreciate these online casino slots. Microgaming released a slot based on a horror classic movie ‘Halloween’ (1978). If you are after fascinating casino slot games, this one is the best choice for you!

The game features dozens of references and one-of-a-kind reel setup. Besides, you’ll also hear a number of audio clips from this movie here. You can enjoy the gameplay on the go, on any mobile device.

Psycho Slot Games

Do you remember that Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘Psycho’? Seems like it is impossible to find a more dreadful backdrop for the game than this one, right? Today, we can’t imagine the list of the best online slot games without this one. Its visual aspect sets the main tone of the gameplay. Besides, it also includes a bonus round and 25 paylines.

Horror-Themed Slots

So, what makes horror slots so good? Keep in mind these distinctive features of great (and truly scary!) horror casino slot games:

  • terrifying animations;
  • bloodcurdling audio;
  • an awful lot of terrible characters like vampires, zombies, ghouls, etc.

If you aren’t afraid of them, in all likelihood, you’ll have a great time playing horror slot games online. And now, It is time to take a look at the best of them out there.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This game is based on Freddy Krueger’s shenanigans. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the gameplay, we strongly suggest turning off the light. This game comes with the following features:

  • progressive jackpot;
  • free spins;
  • never sleep again;
  • expanding wild.

Want to win the jackpot? Have no scruple about it and start playing this slot machine online right now!


Do you like the vampire theme? Then you’ll also appreciate this slot machine casino game. You’ll find all the vampire impediments here, like garlic, stakes, terrible clothes, etc.

The game comes with five reels and 25 paylines. Besides, it also features three bonus symbols on one payline and ten free spins. This slot will definitely entertain you and help you forget about all troubles bothering you at the moment.

Twisted Circus

The Best Horror Slots Games: Choose the Best for Yourself

This is a genuinely fearful game offering all kinds of freaks. High-quality graphics and bone-chilling music will immerse you in the terrifying atmosphere of the gameplay. The game offers five reels, a circus match bonus, free spins and more than 240 paylines allowing you to win!


Now that you know what horror slots deserve your particular attention, it is high time to give horror slots a try! Just pick your favorite game, go to it and experience the full immersion in the enthralling gameplay!

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