Top 3 Sci-Fi Slot Machines

Sci-fi slot machines are slots based on the plots of your favorite sci-fi movies and books. What is interesting, this theme is applied not only to slot badges but also to bonus games (if there are any in a particular slot machine casino). Such slot machines are usually the go-to choice for those who prefer sci-fi games about cosmic trips and aliens in their everyday lives.

Sci-fi scene for slot games

Top 3 Sci-Fi Slot Machine Games Online: Our Choice

Without further ado, you can get acquainted with our top three sci-fi slot machine games we’ve picked for you.

Top Slots Games: Space Wars

Space wars Sci-fi slot screenshot

Would you like to play slot games online? Space Wars is an awesome chance to take part in cosmic battles right on your smartphone or PC. These casino slots are soaked in the sci-fi theme: the game is unfolding in the background of the outer space, and the players have to deal with colorful monsters.

  • A short description. This game released by a large online slot games vendor NetEnt is completely dedicated to the world-renowned series of films directed by George Lucas. In Space Wars, the standoff is unfolding between cosmic creatures, and these creatures are cuties that are shown on 40 lines to form the winning combinations.
  • The peculiarities of the gaming process. The combinations in this casino slot are created by forming the sequences of the same characters on one of the lines. These combinations have to start from the first reel. Your winnings are calculated by multiplying the placed bets by the coefficient of the formed combination. The maximum amount of the prize is 1,000 bets.
  • What’s so special about it? If you play slots that Space Wars offers you, you’ll see the miniature versions of monsters that occur more often but come with a lower coefficient. As for special pictures, you can find only the Wild symbols here. You will have them only on even reels, so forming a combination out of the Wild symbols is impossible. Instead, it allows changing the basic symbols, thus helping you achieve a winning combination faster.

Top Slots Games: Supernova

Supernova is one of the casino slots developed by Quickspin. This game revolves around the stylish star spheres in the outer space.

Supernova Sci-fi slot screenshot

  • A short description. Gamers interested in astronomy will surely appreciate the bright symbols and unconventional approach towards the interface of one of the most popular casino slot games, Supernova. Its developers dedicated a lot of their time to the design – users can experience bright animated pictograms, breathtaking backgrounds, and thematic music.
  • The peculiarities of the gaming process. Space bodies like stars, spheres and planets appear before the users’ eyes. You play in two windows simultaneously – in one window, you have three reels with nine slots, and in the other one, there are two reels with six slots. There are seven possible symbols available in the first window, while the other one allows you to get acquainted with black holes.
  • What’s so special about it? These online casino slots can be adjusted to the particular needs of any player – you can adjust the graphics, sound, screen size to make the gaming process top-notch. As for the active lines, they are not adjustable in Supernova – there are 27 of them in total. Instead, you can choose the amount of bet – it can vary from 25 to 12,500 in-game credits.

Top Slots Games: Alien Robots

Last but not least on our top list of online slot machine games, Alien Robots is one more successful creation of NetEnt. The game plot revolves around the story about robots from other planets. The gamers have to take a long trip and cooperate, as well as fight aliens to win the prize.

Supernova Sci-fi slot

  • A short description. From the first minute of gameplay, slots casino gamers will find themselves in the atmosphere of the night. All the action unfolds amidst the night sky, so the atmosphere is mysterious and intriguing. During the game, robot-shaped symbols move across the sky.
  • The peculiarities of the gaming process. The bet is tightly connected with the number of lines in this slots casino game. The latter can be adjusted by the gamer. The only difference of this slot machine from others is that the gamer can use the «+243» option during the game. This feature activates the winning combination feature. Although you have to place a double bet to use the option, your chances of getting a winning combination are way higher than when playing regular reels.
  • What’s so special about it? In this sci-fi slot, you can take advantage of a feature to increase your winnings. So, you will be able to win even more playing in this slot machine online.

Choosing Your Next Favorite Sci-Fi Slot: Conclusion

If you are interested in such games as sci-fi slot machines, we recommend you to visit an online casino in Canada. There, you will be able to enjoy the comfort and winnings that are no worse than those of the most prestigious offline casinos.

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